The Honey Dewdrops 'Silver Lining' - Self-Release

There are so many really top class duos out there these days that it can be hard to keep track when a new one jumps up. But the Honey Dewdrops  (Kagey Parrish and Laura Wortman) went straight for my ‘must listen’ nerve centre. Information is sparse on their website, classifying them as a Virginia based duet who write all their own songs, which however true, doesn't do them justice at all. The blend of vocals and instruments here is pure Goose Bump City as clean as an Appalachian mountain stream and tight as a handmade Killorglin bodhran.

Their sound is timeless and yet fresh as today’s bread which I'm sure was in plentiful supply on the mountain farm in Catawba, Virginia where this little gem was recorded in April this year. Drawing on the skills of guitarist Caleb Stine and mandolinist Barry Lawson, they have put together a collection of their own compositions which are so good that it makes it almost impossible to select any ‘best of’ tracks.

Kagey and Laura swop lead vocal duties and lead instrument work so naturally that the fine banjo and guitar backing blends seamlessly on each track. The two instrumental tracks Catawba and Somerset and the acapella Bright Morning Rain are little island breaks in a secret lake of listenable folky, rootsy old timey songs that need a lot more exposure than The Honey Dewdrops seem to be getting right now.

This is a very well produced CD, both visually and musically, and I, for one, intend to check out more on their background and heritage. Have a look at and you won't regret it.