Southern Girls ‘A Little bit of this – a little bit of that’ - Self-Release

The Southern girls are three very distinctive voices who feature smooth harmonies, neat solo vocals and some interesting cover choices, including Patty Loveless’ Timber and the Judds Why not Me?. I can’t tell you much about the ladies as I don’t read or speak Norwegian and the south their name refers to is Kristiansand, one of the southernmost points in Norway, not the southern or western states of the USA.

American West Coast country seems to be big in Norway, well, Scandinavia in general – Alan Jackson chose to tour there last year rather than coming to Ireland, the UK or mainland Europe and his gigs were sell outs.

John Beland, ex-Flying Burrito Brothers who has a varied and impressive record as performer, session ace and producer, produced the album and it is polished and slick, if anything a bit too smooth for these ears. But these ladies can really sing and I would like to hear more of their original songs as well