State Of The Union 'Self-Titled' - Reveal

This acoustic duo deliver a simple, effective album which is the sound of two men from two continents with two guitars and two voices. Two friends who have made a name for the solo albums they have released, They are Boo Hewerdine and Brook Williams  and they address joint influences on these songs, mostly written together also individually. The one cover which gets immediate attention is their cover of the Pet Shop Boys Rent which goes to show that these two men could cover practically any song and make it work. It is a thoughtful, gentle album that is full of human spirit that shines in their collaborative chemistry. There are elements of humour and adventure in these songs. They are also talented guitar players and their voices and playing styles mesh to make them sound like they have been doing this together for a long time. They have that kind of intimacy and Mark Freegard's production highlights that. The eleven songs here run smoothly together setting a mood which runs through the entire album and making it a testament to the talents of two craftsmen.