The Dinosaur Truckers ‘Self-Titled’ - Off Label

I kinda like this band. They play an spirited mix of roots music that has a potent blend of upright bass, lap steel, banjo, mandolin and guitar. What this German band quartet have is a real feel for the music they make. It has energy and enthusiasm  infused with skill and understanding. They deliver thirteen self-written songs sung in English that display a depth of immersion in everything from Motorhead to Merle, from Hanks 1, 11 and 111 and a whole lot more in between.

On the album they are joined in occasion by a drummer to strengthen the drive of the song but for the most part the have enough momentum on their own. Take a song like Shadow Fallin’ Down My Face the mix trumpet sounds with mandolin and lap steel over a solid double bass slap and guitar gives it an atmosphere that would easily fit in From Dusk Till Dawn.  It is just one of many highlights on a constantly good album. There’s the uptempo rush of songs like Halfway Through and Hey People sitting alongs side the less frantic delivery of The Ends Are Just The Same and High, Low and Lonesome.

Singer Philip possesses a voice that is well capable of delivering the songs with conviction and they are also strong enough to compare and compete with their counterparts in the US or to those in the UK and Ireland. The other Truckers, know on their website only by their first names, are Till, Daniel and Tobi. All are also fully committed to keepin’ on truckin’ and playing with and to like-minded people. As their name suggests these are hard working musicians who travel the roads bringing a sound routed in the past into an ever beckoning future.