The Earnest Lovers ‘Sing Sad Songs’ - Elko

An introductory mini album from the talented duo of Pete Krebs and Leslie Beia and their five piece band has it beginnings in the classic country duets of the past, but with these 6 original songs they bring us bang up to date. Well bang up to date that is if your heart is still with the music that was made first several decades back and not what you would currently hear if you turned on ‘country’ radio in the US. Based in Portland, Oregon they both formed the band after meeting in a local country bar as a means to develop their songwriting skills and this seemed a good way to do it. 

Krebs was previously a member of the SubPop label band Hazel who played with Nirvana among others before being involved in a couple of roots orientated bands. Beia was one half of the duo Copper & Coal prior to join Krebs in this venture. Together with their experienced band - Ian Miller, lead guitar; Marko Markoc, bass; Kevin Major, drums; fiddle player Annalisa Tornfelt and pedal steel player Rusty Blake - they worked with producer Jon Neufeld to bring these songs to life and give them the patina of those classic country duets. Music beloved by other musicians and true followers of the honky-tonk highway. These guys have the skills and the wish to get it right and they have.

The vocals are shared between the two with one or other taking the lead or swapping lines and also bring their close harmonies in to play. The songs are good too with titles like the cleverly titled San Andreas’ Fault, Angel of Sunrise and Still Missing You. No Song Came By Today sounds not unlike a unheard Gram/Emmylou collaboration. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Pal is a jaunty twang uptempo tale of a partner’s disapproval for the kind of escapades that his friends might suggest.

All in all a welcome addition to the ranks of those who still believe in the sounds (and sights) of much loved but often ignored genre of music. One listen and you will also want to be their pal too.