Michelle Lewis 'The Parts of Us That Still Remain' - Self Release

The ten songs featured on this second release from Boston singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis clock in at just over 30 minutes and prove that quality always wins out over quantity. She has co-produced with Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran and Shawn Mullins) and displays a gift for sweet melody with song arrangements that boast restrained playing. This is music is in the best traditions of singer-songwriters and is gently intimate. Michelle released her first recording, This Time Around in 2004 and she has also released two EP’s in Broken (2009) and Paris (2011).

Her lyrics deal with relationships in their various and complex states and her insights are both considered and literate. Just Like a Movie charts the arc of a relationship and Running Back Home is a tribute to the power of love to bring out the strongest urge in us all. Paris reflects that nothing can mend a broken relationship and the hope of new beginnings is often no more than wishful thinking. Sorry I Forgot to Write deals with the lingering memory of a former lover who remains in the heart if not in her arms. Goodbye signals the end of a relationship and faces the inevitable parting of the ways. Lost in LA closes the set with a string quartet and leaves a warm feeling from this interesting release.