The Snakes 'Sometime Soon...'

This UK band make a rather good racket. This five piece have delivers a very credible album of original songs that hit the buttons. They add harmonica, banjo, violin and keyboards over the bass, drums and guitars bedrock and as all members sing have a varied and lively vocal presence. Some songs like Refrigerator Blues have a more bluesy sensibility that nicely contrasts with the more country Wasting Time. Cumberland Breeze could be equally be about a breeze in England's North East or one coming from the river that runs through Nashville. Either way it's one of the albums stand-out tracks with a relaxed harmonious vibe. We Can Fly has a uptempo west coast (UK or LA) feel with a strong melody and some fine guitar. Credit to Nick Beere for his production skill in creating a sound that has a full feel despite what I would imagine would be a relatively minor recording budget. Jesus In A Box also utilizes a darker voice that has shades of Edgar Broughton. Harmonies and organ abound on Come My Way's full sound. The album closes with the west coast harmonies of Black Cat. A versatile and varied album that easily fits under the roots rock/ tag but one that is more harmonious, melodic and life affirming that much that falls loosely into that category. The Snakes have bite and along with the likes of Hank Wangford are making music that should be given credit for being something that draws for a source that is largely from the USA but one that is filtered through music that was part of the fabric of musical forms on this side of the Atlantic too.