Blue Rodeo 'The Things We Left Behind' TeleSoul

Blue Rodeo The Things We Left Behind TeleSoul

This venerable Canadian band are in reflective mood on this double album and prove yet again why they are revered in their home country. The mystery is why they have never gained a greater foothold in Europe. They tour on a regular basis but find little support at radio or have never got the boost that an appearance on Later, or its like, would bring. Again the songs are all credited to the partnership of Keelor/Cuddy. Usually the lead writer takes the main vocal and the other provides vocal backup. Alongside these seasoned writers their is a sympathetic powerful band of bassist Basil Donovan, Glenn Milchem on drums and Bob Egan on mandolin and pedal steel. they are also joined by a range of guests on keyboards, strings and background vocals. I have seen them described as Canada's answer to The Band which consider that the majority of The Band were also Canadian is a little ironic but, for me, they come over as the more roots side of Squeeze, Nick Lowe or The Beatles with strong melodic songs, good production and playing that is always appropriate. It's hard to pin point particular songs as everyone who is a Blue Rodeo fan will have their own favourites. Though I would pick Never Look Back, Arizona Dust, Don't Let The Darkness In Your Head at this moment as songs I like but then, as I said, there's much about this album that enhances the band's reputation and standing. They've been around a long time but are still make relevant and worthwhile music so waht more can you ask of any band. It's a hell of a lot more than most deliver. They may be making music that more reflective, statelier overall but they haven't lost their spark.