Tift Merritt 'See You On The Moon' Fantasy

Tift's last album found her looking to another country now on this one she's looking to another planet. Her music though has not made that kind of journey. Rather her journey is, as on her previous album, been a exploration of her inner self. Though she is working with a new producer in Tucker Martine the direction of the music continues from where Another Country left of in that the songs are, in the main, quieter, reflective with subtle use of instruments that colour the songs with pastel textures. Pedal steel, acoustic guitars, keyboards, brass and strings all feature prominently and give the music and unhurried depth that may seem to a casual listener that the songs lack immediacy but for those who have followed Tift's musical career to date it's what we have come to seek in her music. All The Reasons We Don't Have To Fight is both personal and universal. With two exceptions of Emitt Rhodes' Live Till You Die and Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins, which fit the overall feel of the album, Merritt's songs are focused on her understanding of the people, places and emotions that surround her. These songs have hope and come from a positive place and all are delivered by Tift's ever more impressive singing, which never over sings or over emotes the songs. Her restraint gives the songs more meaning and deep soul that is the measure of an effective communicator and human being, whatever country (or planet) she cares to place herself.