We Banjo Three 'Gather the Good' - Self Release

With their debut release in 2012, this Irish quartet of two sets of brothers laid down a strong statement for the future direction of Irish Traditional music. Never afraid to take risks, We Banjo Three incorporate the new with the old in their wonderful, intoxicating music. Tipping a hat to tradition with old airs, we have American folk music mixing with Irish jigs and even the inclusion of an Eric Bibb composition.

The brothers Howley and Scahill play a combination of banjos, mandolin, bodhrans and have special guest James Blennerhassett on double bass. The media have made much of Mumford & Sons in recent years and the revival of English folk music. Irish traditions are equally energised here by We Banjo Three and their giddy romp through old tunes from Carolina, Dakota, Georgia and the French Canadian territories, en route to Roscommon.

Highlights include The Bunch of Green Rushes/ Salt Creek and Puncheon Floor/Late for the Dance/ Sean Reid’s, but it would be a real shame to omit any of these excellent tracks. The entire listening experience, twelve tracks and some forty five minutes, is a real joy.