The Webb Sisters 'When Will You Come Home?' - TWSR

The two sisters Charley and Hattie Webb have played and toured with a number of artists but perhaps are most well known for touring with Leonard Cohen. This 5 track EP further shows why he choose them, as their harmonies on the Peter Asher tracks are as good as sibling harmonies can often be.

They do a version of Always on Your Mind that is subtle and underplayed with piano, guitar and double bass providing the quiet backing. Show Me the Place is a Cohen song which is again given an appropriate restrained reading. The EP opens with a co-write between Charley Webb and Dan Wilson titled Missing Person. The final song on the release is an original song It May Be Spring But I Still Need A Coat written by the sisters. A folk orientated song with harp and guitar and show then pureness of the voices and delivery. When they are working with Cohen they, as have all his backing singers, provided a balance again Cohen's very different voice. But in their own right it's down to the voices and the delicacy of the folk styled backings and those voices are pure and how they can entice and entwine a listener.

There is a bonus track, an orchestral version of Show Me the Place that shows how well the two voices work in that fuller arrangement. They may be a little sweet for some tastes but there is no denying that many have and will enjoy the Webb Sisters and this taster of things to come will bode well for those who will be enchanted by the music.