Davy Jay Sparrow and his Well-Known Famous Drovers 'Olde Fashioned' - Bean Tone

Those who were drawn to the music of Wayne Hancock or Johnny Dilks should tune in to Sparrow's mix of early country sounds that included the yodeling of the title track the Slow Slow Boogie with its not so double entendres, double bass and upright steel evoke and earlier era with clarity and vision. This modus runs through the album. Hot Tamale! is an uptempo hot sauce song spiced with Sassy Larry's trumpet. Sparrow and his Drovers can easily slip through a variety of mood with Think Again using Michael Kapinus' piano to give the song its traditionalist feel. This blend of western swing, early rockabilly, blues and old time country is not new but it is as powerful as ever when it's delivered with skill, understanding and love. The instrumental The Well-known Famous Boogie has a voice over from Davy and his son 'Railroad' Jack introducing the band members. Sparrow brings an authentic edge to his music, he's not trying to modernize rather he wants to celebrate it. As he does on the fiddle and concertina led Swing Me Around My Walkin' Cane, a traditional song arranged by Sparrow, something he does on a couple of the songs featured - Devil In The Cornfield and Bring It Down To Jack's House. The rest are Davy Jay Sparrow originals. All sound like there coming through the airwaves from a border station in the early 50's. Music made to get you dancing in your living room, a honky-tonk or in your head. The era of the singing cowboy is evoked on A Cowgal's Cowboy. The album closes with The Death Of Me and features, as do most of the tracks the steel guitar of Chance Wagner, the guitar of Artie Thomas and the upright bass of Justin Meier. These guys are as immersed in the music as much as Sparrow and Olde Fashioned is what it says on the cover and it's exactly what it is and it's just right for these times and for those who may love this music the first time round as much as those reared on Bear Family reissues or loved it the first time round.