Chet O'Keefe 'Game Bird' Self-released

This album is packaged in a distinctive Jon Langford illustrated cover. O'Keefe is a bearded troubadour who vocally is reminiscent at times of John Prine. His songwriting similarly has an easy observational/conversational style exemplified by a song like Good Friends. But what really counts here is the strength of the song writing allied to the tight musical ensemble that includes some of Nanci Griffith's band (including Nanci herself on backing vocals), Thomm Jutz and Pat McInerney are joined by Robby Turner on pedal steel, Jimmie McEachern on upright bass and Brent Moyers on trumpet - a highly accomplished set of players who add depth and texture to Game Bird warm and inviting easy-going sound. A sound that has been co-produced by the aforementioned Thomm Jutz and Pat McInerney. But as mentioned the songs are the kind of story songs that breath life into their cast of characters such as the abandoned trailer living Charles (The Ballad Of Charles) or the songs about those who live to a ripe old age (Some Swedish Men) or closer to home a song about the endless stream of Nashville hopefuls (Nashville Star). There is no doubt that those who enjoy classic story/songwriting of this kind which is a little harder to find these days will enjoy this welcome and welcoming album.