Lee Harvey Osmond 'A Quiet Evil' Latent

Something of a side project for Cowboy Junkies members Margo and Michael Timmins though it's a more rounded project that that might suggest with some 17 musicians involved with this multi-facated roots orientated music which runs from the country styled duet between Margo Timmins and (I assume) singer Andy Maize on I'm Going To Stay That Way through the brushed drums and clarinet, smoke-filled laid back musings of Lucifer's Blues through to the rough shod VU motivated cover of Lou Reed's I Can't Stand It. Production is helmed by Michael Timmins, Josh Finlayson and Tom Wilson ( who also is a member of Blackie and The Rodeo Kings). There is a dark hearted ambience at work here that mingles a darkness at the edge of town with strange journeys. For an idea of how non-mainstream this is have a look at the video for I'm Going To Stay That Way on their website as I doubt you'll see it anywhere else. Tom Wilson is the main songwriter here, in tandem with other members and outsiders. So it is largely his shared vision that is at work here. In fact Wilson leads the five piece version of the band who are currently playing live gigs. But the recorded version of Lee Harvey Osmond has much to recommend it to those who like their music edgy, varied and subtly intense with some fine playing making it an album to experience in totality to appreciate what Lee Harvey Osmond has to offer the uninitiated. www.leeharveyosmond.com