John Lilly 'Live On The Red Barn Radio' Self-Release

A live recording from Lexington, Kentucky on May 6th 2009. John Lilly is a traditional singer/songwriter who here delivers a set of his own songs from the Red Barn Radio show in the elemental form of voice, guitar and mandolin. He gives Jimmie Rodgers' No Hard Times an appropriate reading with a strong yodel inflected vocal. He returns to that form with A Little Yodel Goes A Long Way, something that many may agree with but Lilly makes it enjoyable. His mandolin playing is evident on (the excerpt from) Johnny Don't Get Drunk. He touches on gospel with Spirit (Bend Close To Me) and delivers an empowered vocal that emphasizes his prowess in deliver the soul of a song. His version of Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood's Gasoline Alley makes it sound as if it was written a hundred or more years ago. He changes pace and style with his own, more personal, song Blue Boy. As this is a recording of the aforementioned Radio show the closing song Last Chance To Dance, the title track of a previous album,has a closing voice over that disrupts the song. None-the-less this is an enjoyable album for those who will like his take on old time music.