Easton Corbin 'Self-titled' Humphead

The second track here may sum up the album's overall direction, A Little More Country Than That, that likely being his pop and rock sounding contemporaries who currently trade as country artists. Much of this is, doubtless, due to the production values of producer and former Keith Whitley sideman Carson Chamberlin. The steel is mostly exuberent and well to the fore, the guitars are twangy rather than in overdrive. That said it is still an album that promises more than it actually delivers. Rather it represents a good start to the career of an artist with a solid dependable voice that overall, and this is also true of the album, sounds like a close relation to the body of work of George Strait. And Strait's one work has it's high and low points. There are several lyrical themes that are full of cliches of what country music is today. These include A Little More Country Than That and That'll Make You Want To Drink both fun songs but somewhat generic. But that may sound a little overly critical of what is an solid and definably country album that when the songs are bolstered by a catchy riff are memorable. Songs like The Way Love Looks On You, Don't Ask Me About A Woman and A Lot To Learn About Livin'. The latter is one of those Buffett-esque songs that are in favour these days in country circles. Easton Corbin is off to a good enough start but let's hope that some of the songs can get a little more depth and grit the next time out.