Marty Raybon 'At His Best' Grand Vista

The former singer from Shenandoah continues with his new solo album, his first for the Grand Vista label. It's straight country, mainly of the old-school mainstream variety. It's not a best of as the title might suggest but rather a statement of intent. The production is by Raybon and Paul Carrol Binkley and is supportive of Raybon's strong and soulful voice which is always front and centre and ably supported by the players who include such notable players as guitarist Jeff King, Eddie Bayers on drums, Larry Franklin on fiddle and Adam Steffey on mandolin, the latter brings a touch of bluegrass to the overall mix. Raybon is a bluegrass lover as much as he is of the more full bodied country that predominates here. The songs have been well chosen and include several that Raybon had a hand in writing himself. The sense of being alone is highlight in the passionate A World Without You, a stand-out song here. That theme is also explored on I Don't Want To Loose You Anna while Still My Little Man (Matty's Song) is about a loved one on a overseas battle field. I Am Coming Home is again written on that topic but from a slightly different perspective. There are very middle American themes but ones that don't breach rather they emphasize with the ordinary man. This is solid, dependable and will find much favour with his fans and those who love country as it was delivered in the early 90's. www,