Telegraph 'Self-titled' Self-released

Essentially Telegraph is the work of Kevin Doherty (of Four Men And A Dog) and a strong supporting cast. Doherty has written the songs, delivers the lead vocals and has produced the album, so maybe it should be a Kevin Doherty solo album called Telegraph. That one of the songs is titled Country Music may give some a clue as to the overall mood of the album, though in truth that's not really just that. These are relaxed, laid back, roots-filled songs that pitch their tent in different locations from Camden Street to East Virginia. There are hints of a lot of things here, a touch of Tindersticks, a pinch of Mr. Cohen and a spoonful of old-time music, informed by Atha Cliath as much as Appalachia, all mixed in among the ingredients that make up this music. There is understanding and tenderness within these songs for those in exile and those who left for a great calling. There's love for people and for places and there's the journey of a pilgrim, looking for life and love along the way. The music is acoustic, gentle, understated and at all times adds atmosphere and texture to Doherty's likable, lambent voice. Telegraph hasn't sent us words of wonder, of new territory or new boundaries rather the simple message here is of looking again at the familiar, the friendly and the ways in which we falter.