Guy Penrod 'Breathe Deep' Servant

With his surname and a look straight out of an Alexandre Dumas book Pernod could be making any type of music but Breathe Deep is a solid country album. It's one that is the antithesis to the likes of Hank 111. This is an album about love, family and belief in God. Values that are solid in mainstream country and it's something of a surprise that this album isn't on a major Music Row label rather than on an affiliated one. It could be that Pernod is a still a little too country, and old, for radio success. Which is strange as this album is full of songs that resonate with that audience. Produced by Brent Rowan and featured a host of the current A-team studio crew it sounds good in the way that records that go through that process do. The songs are solid and from the pens of former artists and now primarily focused songwriters. Pernod isn't a writer and so delivers some assured and upfront vocals that sound convincing in their tales of the common man and suburban and rural lifestyles. On occasion the songs touch on subjects like those who have nothing.The Broken Ones is about seeking and finding redemption for those who have fallen through the cracks and see the value in a person or thing if given love. And it's that word which is paramount here. It may not suit the honky tonk lovers but it has it's time and place and is superior with strongly rendered songs like The Maker Of Them All - a song that places faith at the centre of life. As a say not everyones cup of tea but few will deny the overall positivity and strong music on offer here.