Kim Beggs Blue Bones Black Hen

A Canadian singer-songwriter who plays folk-Americana and who has a couple of albums under her belt before this current release. Beggs has a distinctive edge to her voice that wouldn't be unfamiliar to Iris DeMent fans. Utilizing a full band including fellow singer-songwriter Steve Dawson, who also produced the album, it has a full clear sound that never overwhelms the song or singer. Beggs own songs are about the travails of love while others like Can't Drive Slow Yodel is just what it says a song that states that Beggs has to travel at speed even though she's not going to the rodeo or about to give birth and the chorus is a full on yodel. It is a diverting and humorous moment. KIm also covers some classic songs from writers such as Bob Dylan, Jack Clement and Patty Griffin. The former's I'll Be Your Baby Tonight is given an appropriate pedal steel softly sung delivery while Clement's Just Someone I Used To Know is a well rounded duet with Gurf Morlix. The traditional I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes is equally given a countrified reading. Griffin's Trapeze highlights Beggs vocal skills on a restrained take on the song. Her own songs are usually more upbeat though Summertime Lonesome Blues is a recognition of time spent apart. The Longest Dream is a lovely duet between Beggs and Natalie Edelson where the voices blend over a pedal steel led backing that emphasizes the dreamlike quality of the song. Blue Bones is an album to get to know and enjoy for a lot of different reasons.