Jewel 'Sweet and Wild' Humphead/Valory Music

Fitting into the current vision of contemporary country singers should be seen as the more grown-up relative of Taylor Swift. A singer and songwriter well capable of delivering these songs that deal with love, in a mostly positive and uplifting way. The backings are a radio friendly mix of upfront drums, big sounds with some steel and fiddle in there with the B3 and big arrangements. Something that is highlighted on this deluxe edition that has a second CD which has exactly the same songs delivered in a very sparse setting of just Jewel and her guitar. This shows her undoubted talent as singer and songwriter rather than just the vocal addition to a producer's vision of the songs. That Jewel was involved with the production of both supposes that the two sides of this coin are designed to offer different perspectives on her songs, both valid and both likely to appeal to different sets of listening moods. Given the choice I prefer the Sweet and Mild acoustic set over the full on Sweet and Wild side. Either way you can make that choice yourselves and decide which Jewel shines the most for you. Either way both ides should have mainstream appeal if they get picked up by radio. If they do then Jewel can join the list of artists who may make a impact on European sensibilities. Lovers of hardcore honky-tonk though should look elsewhere for their fix.