The Jayhawks / Humphead

This is the re-release of The Jayhawks original vinyl only debut, know as the "bunkhouse album". It shows the band at their countriest, delivering music filled with enthusiasm and energy. Music that comes from the inspiration that came from the records they listened to then. Recorded in Minneapolis and produced by their then manager and mentor Charlie Pine it's not that far removed from Rank and File and other early "cow-punk" bands as well as a big nod to Gram Parsons notion of country played by rockers. It has charm and displays where the band where at at the time and howe far they have come since then. Olson handles most of the vocals on a bunch of songs that have titles that suit like Behind Bars, Six Pack On The Dashboard, Misery Tavern and Falling Star. All are enhanced by Cal Hand's pedal steel guitar runs. It's a period piece but one that still stands up to listening and dancing around to. Bands, and band members, grow and move on. The music changes and gets technically better as the bands skills develop but sometimes. That first bloom offers something that can never be repeated. It may be naive but that first flush that first time in the studio feel that will never be repeated. It may be a part of the band's history but it's more that that. It is the beginning and you need to know where you've come from to know where you want to go.