James Otto 'Shake What God Gave Ya' Humphead

A singer who has the voice to deliver these sometimes turbo powered southern rock/r 'n' b styled country songs. Most of which Otto had a hand in the writing of and he is also heavily involved with the production, so one has to assume that this is the James Otto sound that he feels comfortable with. At the moment there seems to be a swing on Music Row to this mix of good ol' boy attitude, country musings and controlled rock guitar overtones. Old hand Al Anderson has a couple of writing credits here and plays a guitar solo on one track as does Otto himself on two. All good, if this is your kind of thing, though the whole thing sounds like it could have been roughed up a little at the edges. When Otto takes on a slower song as on the patriotic Soldiers & Jesus, or the more soul orientated Sun Comes Round Again or the break-up song Let's Just Let Go he is able to but across the emotion without the bombast and shows himself a talented vocalist who, with a little more grit, can really deliver. The closing track is a r 'n' b styled duet with Ronnie Milsap and it closes the album with aplomb. Otto may not tick every box for your average country fan but shows that he can grow his music in a number of different directions in the future. One that, given the right circumstances, could be wide open for him.