Miss Quincy 'Your Mama Don't Like Me' Self-Release

A compelling singer and writer who makes here presence felt right from the get go. By the time you hear the second track Nobody With You, as in "you don't take nobody with you when you go" sounds like it should have been played in an Alaskan mining camp in the 1890's or in a cabaret in Berlin in the 1930s. The music on offer here was recorded in below zero temperatures in a log cabin in British Columbia with a group of acoustic players who all give these songs solid texture and thrust. Banjos are plucked, violins and mandolins are playfully played. This is an of-the-moment cold time take on old time music that could well make Miss Quincy a hip name to drop in the future. She has a strenuous, forceful voice that has character and carnivale clarity. The plaintive songs are rooted in strong woman blues, vaudeville vehemency and string band sanctity. The harmony on Wild Mountain Flower blows clear from a different time though they come from Miss Quincy's own hand. Reno's Song features is a cross continental musical instrumental while the evocatively named Sweet Jesus Cafe has tap dancing and a multi-voiced chorus. It must have warmed up the cabin that night. A couple of outside songs are by Memphis Minnie, an inspirational source, among many hints of past times and passed over times. These are memorable songs from another name from the increasingly independent Canadian roots music sector. Check out www.missquincy.net