Amy McCarley Self-Release

This is a solo album in every sense with Amy McCarley producing, recording, mixing and playing everything on the album in her home studio in Huntsville, Alabama. A process that gave her complete control over what she is recording but can sometimes make the process insular. Much of the music here is minimal, the essence being the voice and guitar and then this is embellished with touches of percussion and instrumental embroidery as required. The songs deal with relationships and the internal strength to not give up when things go wrong. "... I still won't give it up, because I think for sure that luck, will turn my way again" (Faster Than Truth) or the realization that life can be tough but the truth is "there's so much more to life than what's on tv" (Hollywood). McCarley delivers her songs in a committed clear voice that brings here words the emotional content they require. Her only cover, suggesting one of her key influences in Gillian Welch is Look At Miss Ohio and while she is no David Rawlings, who is?, her guitar skills are strong enough to underpin these songs. There are a lot of singer/songwriters out there right now and it's difficult for one to stand out from another. Amy McCarley has the belief and really needs to see if she can find an audience outside of those who get to see her play in person to take her music to a wider audience. Her songs suggest that she will keep on doing what she does and she can only grow from that endeavour.