Steve Mendick 'Immigrants...and other Americans' Prospect Hill

The title tells that Mendick songs concern his country and the many people and cultures that make it what it is and what it can be. Mendick has been influenced by a diverse set of writers both literary and musical. The latter probably headed by Bob Dylan and The Beatles but including such diverse names as Richard Thompson and Neil Young. From that you'll get an idea of where he's coming from. The album has been co-produced by Mendick and band member, multi-instrumentalist Eddie Seville and the album using a full band that includes keyboards, saxophone, violin, cello and backing vocals to give it a robust and rockin' sound. Mendick's voice is upfront and centre in the mix and at times it seems like it could blend a little more with the music around it as he has a good band here but otherwise a lot of the enjoyment of this album will come from your response to the singer and his songs -how well they connect with your own sensibilities overall. A song like The Third Gate makes me think of Bruce Springsteen though Mendick's chorus here doesn't quite take off as one of the Bosses might. Hold The Line has a, to this ears, slight Randy Newmaneque sound. The more reflective All I Can Do For Now is a thoughtful song that has a simpler piano and violin structure, likewise the acoustic led A Different Mirror show another side to Mendick's music. Over the 16 tracks Steve Mendick makes his case for Americans and immigrants. Europeans are welcome to listen too.