Murray & Falkenau 'The Leipzig Sessions' Tree Tone Music

A Galway based duo who blend Irish and American folk traditions into a series of original songs, written by Ivan Murray and Anna Falkenau, and  well chosen cover and versions of traditional songs delivered in an understated setting, recorded in Echolux Studio on Leipzig, using just the playing skills of the duo with Falkenau on fiddle and lead guitar and Murray on rhythm and vocals. Falkenau also adds backing vocals that help fill out the vocal delivery. There are, by their nature stripped down arrangements but must reflect the duos live sound and therefore be a fitting souvenir of such a performance. Murray has a soft vocal style that suits the delivery of the songs. There are also a number of instrumentals that highlight the playing skill of the duo, especially Falkenau's - as witnessed on the title track. Their cover of Joseph Arthur's In The Sun is well suited to Murray's voice and it's effective directness. This duo are enjoying themselves and this album is awaiting you to do the same.