Farrell Spence 'Song For The Sea' Self-Release

This is singer/songwriter second outing for her delicate crafted songs. The album was partly recorded in a hotel room, on a portable studio, in Rome. This was to avoid over-thinking and over producing the songs. She wanted them to develop in an organic style that was based around her and her musical foil guitarist Francesco Forni, Three additional musicians where later added to bring keyboards , guitar and ukuele to blend with the overall sound. It is otherwise a very sparse sound built around the bottom line of voice and guitar. The theme, as evidenced by the title, though tangential is the tides of life. Songs include effective readings of the traditional Wayfaring Stranger and I Never Will Marry, the latter delivered unaccompanied but with a multi-tracked vocal chorus. There's a impressive take on Nick Lowe's The Beast In Me which maintains the same sense of inner pain that Johnny Cash's version had though, understandably, at the other end of the sonic scale than Cash, but still capturing the song's essence. The remainder of the  songs other than Good Morning Bird (written by Barbara Spense) are from Farrell and have an intimacy and life outlook that fits with Spense view of her life and times. The album closes with Going Down The Riverside where she goes to wash her blues away and she adds a percussion element on spoons. Spence offers a serious take on not taking yourself too seriously and while she won't be troubling the X Factor generation is making music that those who came across her A Town Called Hell debut will be glad to be re-acquainted with her muse and music.