Norianna Kennedy 'Ebb 'n' Flow' Self-Release

This collection of covers and traditional songs celebrates the voice of Norianna Kennedy. It is, undoubtably, a strong and striking one capable of expressing and emoting these songs, of understanding the ebb and flow of songs. The album has been co-produced by Kennedy with Trevor Hutchinson and Gerry Paul and it allows the voice its central role while giving a solid and varied musical setting of acoustic ambiance. There are fiddles, 5 string banjos, bouzouki, guitars and double bass and flute to give texture to the songs that veer toward the traditional on this release. Ó Fill A Bhruinneall is a pleasant excursion into her native tongue while many of the other songs are traditional arrangements. The more recent songs include a take on Damien Dempsey's Beside The Sea which is a simple but thoroughly effective voice and guitar reading. Kennedy plays her banjo ukulele on Ain't Got No Use a song which sounds more like the Americana side of her work, something that comes across stronger in live performance that is readily apparent on this album. Some have likened her to a young Mary Black and while there is no doubting her interpretative and vocal skills are paramount her direction may ultimately take a different path than that of the rightly lauded Black and time will add depth and experience to her singing. However the talent is there and it will be interesting to see how it develops to see if she can capture the onstage dynamism in her future recordings. For now Ebb 'n' Flow is an entertaining and rewarding first step to a talent artist and her playing and production team.