Joe Nichols 'Greatest Hits' HumpHead

Living up to it's title this is a 10 track primer with tracks taken from five albums and featuring several producers. Nichols has a strong country voice but his material here reflects the more radio friendly aspect of his songs. There is little here for a good vocalist to get his teeth into. The Shape I'm In is about a man holding it together but he lyrics never really progress from the I'm doing alright aspect. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off has a good vocal from Nichols and is a catchy enough song with some obvious country sound over the aggressive drum and guitar sound but it's a shallow enough ditty. Brokenheartsville follows a similar pattern. Size Matters again plays on the pun, the heart in this case is a man's heart. There are other songs that are undoubtably fun and the fact that they're means they're the ones that got through the radio filter and out into the mainstream. What's A Guy Gotta Do and Cool To Be A Fool are fun songs that show why Nichols has been around long enough to make these albums. The best song written by Harley Allen and Bill Anderson also allows Nichols his best vocal. It's more understated that the other songs and works on a different level. If you are a hardcore fan then it's likely you'll have all the song here but for the casual listener it's a pretty good round up of what Joe Nichols is about and where the mainstream is at over the last few years. It is more country than some and has a vocalist who is obviously someone who has been reared on the classic country mainstream of the likes of Randy Travis.