Kimmie Rhodes 'Dreams Of Flying' Self-release

Following her Christmas release comes this new album of original songs and two covers. She is again with her son Gabriel as producer. There have been some tough times for her of late and this is reflected in songs like Back Again with it's refrain of "trying to bring you back again". Elsewhere the songs are of a personal exploration of relationships and of love. Personal and universal. Her voice is often understated and unforced. It allows for her essentially gentle nature to shine through over the restrained backings provided by Gabriel and musicians like Charlie Sexton and John Gardner. One cover is a duet between Rhodes and fellow Lubbock native Joe Ely on Donovan's Catch The Wind, a version which draws a certain weariness into the song. The other is a song written by her son Jeremie Rhodes, Again it fits perfectly into the overall picture, which is one that her fans will enjoy. Much of the album deals with coming to terms with the way life can twist and turn and through up the unexpected. But in doing so you need to face it with fortitude, understanding and love for those around you. Dreams Of Flying is about finding a certain release and for Kimmie Rhodes one way to do this is through her music and her musical family. There are a lots of strands within the textures of this music that can be warm and playfull as well as being, at times soulfully sad, but always listenable and always Kimmie Rhodes at her best and most poetic.