Billy Yates 'Just Be You' MOD

One of those artists whose straight down the line country music has been considered "too country" for the current definitions of the genre for some time now. So he now releases his music himself and those who haven't come across his country and who enjoyed the new traditionalist of the 80s and 90s will feel right at home with music of Billy Yeats. He's not alternative, on the fringes or pushing barriers, rather he's writing, producing and singing his take on classic country. He records in Nashville with some of the same players you'll find on major label releases like J.T. Corenflos, Larry Franklin, Mike Johnson and Michael Rojas. His writing picks up on the down home values of love (Our House Of Love, A Mother's Love), home cooking (MFC -Mama's Fried Chicken) and travel - in this case to Norway where Yates has built a healthy following (On My Way - Norway Song). It all sung in a warm, pure voice that is ideal for the music he's making. There are ten songs here, with one bonus track a dance mix of What Goes Around, all are delivered with a sense of fun that has an infectious charm. Just like the man on the cover in fact. Billy Yeates is at ease with himself and knows who he is and wants you to be the same.