Jon Byrd 'Down At The Well Of Wishes' Longleaf Pine

The Nashville-based singer/songwrites follows up his last album Byrd's Auto Parts with this R. S. Field (and Byrd) co-produced collection of nine new songs. These are in a more reflective and contemplative mode. There are some striking and melancholic songs like I Once Knew A Woman with its subtle twang guitar from Milan Miller, steel guitar by Pat Severs and help from (recording duo) the Wrights, Adam on keyboards and Shannon on backing vocals alongside Sara Beck. Byrd delivers a perfectly judged vocal that is tinged with sadness without getting morose. Throughout the players and producers continue this thoughtful approach to these songs that find all delivering performances that integral to the overall subtle sobriety of the relationships espoused here. The beat picks up with Easy To Be Free to better express the songs changing sense of commitment, something that is shown to work both ways. The title track again highlights a strong vocal delivery from Byrd with Adam Wright on Wurlitzer and Alex McCollough on steel guitar again setting the song's tone, My Days To Come Along closes the album in that overall direction.These songs are not the usual mainstream patented positivity that seems to be the norm, rather these are mature songs that detail life, not some much in the fast line but in the quiet backwaters where emotions ebb and flow. Jon Byrd has made a rewarding and reconciled recording that is can be justly proud of.