Madison Violet 'The Good In Goodbye' - True North

This Canadian duo have gained not just fans but awards with their folk-pop, dream-country blend that is focused around their close vocal harmonies and song-writing skills. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Les Cooper has upped the stakes on this fuller sounding album that layers subtle musical textures together to create something that easily rewards repeated listening.  Fallen By The Wayside opens with some familiar lyrics before revealing a song of a love lost in transit, it is a song they co-wrote with Ron Sexsmith and marks a meeting of kindred spirits and an album highpoint. The title track sets out to fathom the silver lining in a break-up. The one non-original song is the traditional Cindy Cindy and they give a uptempo fiddle and banjo led take on which takes them closer to the wellspring of the music that has played an influence on their musical make-up. Christy Ellen Francis also takes a more stripped down approach with the two voice guitar and harmonica being its only constituent parts. Madison Violet are team players too playing a range of instruments on the album themselves alongside the talented players featured. Lisa MacIsaac and Brenley Mac Eachern have the sound of siblings though they are just siblings in musical spirit and are making music that makes them out as something special. Come As You Are with it's harmonica motif and strong overall harmonies is an album highlight on this their fourth album. The sound may in fact be a tad to soft for some and the songs that stand-out the most are the ones that have a little more edge lyrically or musically. But overall Madison Violet are exploring their musical parameters and giving their fans something to savour as they do so.