Homespun Remedies 'Great Depression' - Self-Release

Describing the genre they play in as Americana, Rock, Alt-Country, Singer-songwriter, Folk and Bluegrass gives you a clue as to the wide ranging nature of this band's music. However that can lead to a situation where you please someone one one track but lose them with another. The six piece band (and friends - judging by the list of names on the sleeve) are relitatively focused on what they deliver. The focus, however, may change depending on which songs you heard. The album opens with Leave This Town a short voice and guitar into with steel guitar and atmospherics leading to the first song proper What's Goin' Round which features prominent banjo and subtle steel over an otherwise more indie rock arrangement. However if you were to listen first to Make Believe or especially the uptempo jaunty, twangy Good To Hear Your Voice or the traditional Two Dollar Bill you may thing you were in for a different album. But along side these songs you also get the piano ballad Empty Pockets with a parisienne style accordion or the laid back Elegent Lie. Vocalist Mike Saunders is the most consistent element here as a central figure in terms of song writing and singing but the collective unit has many possibilities that may need to be more defined in the future for the casual listener and those who have not seen them live were all the strands are likely brought together. Homespun Remedies are a Dallas, Texas based band who will doubtless entertain in a live setting and have on CD show their talent but whether that's a little diverse for the average listener remains to be seen. There's nothing that's depressing here but you may also find your own favourite remedy.