The Wiyos 'Broken Land Bell -' Self-Release

This band offer a new take on some spirited jug band music and other muiscs popular long before their time. This Brooklyn based quartet deliver a new album of original songs that owe as much to Tom Waits' sound collages as they do to dusty 78rpm records. One of their quest is Adam Matta a human beat-box who add a strictly contemporary edge to the mix which is about using the instruments and sound of previous eras to create something that has resonance for today's listening audience. That writer Parrish Ellis calles his publishing company Piedmont Blues Music should give you another clue as early blues plays it's part here too. The other members Michael Farkas, Joebass Dejarnette and Teddy Weber are all multi-instrumentalist who bring a range of acoustic instruments into contention alongside such elements as tape delay and sound effects to create their eclectic mix. Drum is rooted in the words of Macbeth's witches. This music is mainly upbeat and uptempo but moments like Redbird are less frantic and show their vocal presence as well as the use of retrained ambient sound. Elsewhere there's double bass, steel, archtop and  banjo guitars blend with mouth trumpet and alto horn to give the music it's smorgasbord of now and then. While the album works as a whole there are standouts for this listener like Uncork The Whiskey, All Aboard and Valentina. Good as they are on record it's live were the Wiyos will really come alive but Broken Land Bell well prepares you in its own right fro that experience.