Blame Sally 'Live at KVIEO Studios' - Ninth Street Opus

It is always a pleasant surprise when new music leaves an immediate impression. This four piece female band has been recording for a number of years now and their creative source is the song writing talents of Renée Harcourt and Monica Pasquale. Their range of songs is very impressive with plenty to excite across the 13 tracks taken from a live concert in Sacramento in 2011.

From rock based arrangements into reflective vignettes, both the playing and writing is very strong throughout. Unfortunately, as with all live shows on disc, there is an element of wishing you were there to experience the entire set first hand. That apart, Mona Lisa Smile is beautifully conceived and performed and the haunting Pajaros Sin Alas lingers long after the song has ended. The band play an impressive set coloured with fine guitar work and a rousing cover of Chain of Fools to close the show. Blame Sally merit close attention and a trawl back through their collected works is a journey that I feel compelled to take