David Greenberg and Harpeth Rising 'The End Of The World' -Self-Release

These four musicians create an intriguing sound across a mix of cello, violin, banjo and percussion. Labels are often a bore and it would be easy to trot out any number of comparisons here. However, the playing is really a unique blend inspired by a mixture of influences and best experienced first- hand. The interplay between cello and violin is particularly uplifting and colours many of the tracks here with a rich experience.

The band is joined by David Greenberg, who has been given writing credits for all ten tracks. He is the father of Jordana, violin and vocals, and he sounds like Harry Chapin in his vocal delivery on songs that tell of big rigs, lonesome highways and truck stop mommas. The arrangements are full of inventive playing with End of the World a particular stand out.  Nowhereland is also an interesting song with a very traditional feel to it. This band would be a huge success across the traditional music vista of Ireland and their interplay confirms just how close the ties between American folk and Irish music lie. Well worth your hard earned Euro.