Girlyman 'Supernova' - Fine Feathered Music

The band name may not be one to use in rough house honky-tonks but then they're not a band playing that sort of music. No what Girlyman play is a more gentle folk-pop with subtle playing and upfront vocal harmonies. The album is written, played and produced by Girlyman with each song's writer taking the lead vocal. The are multi-instrumentalists who play a wide variety of instruments that include bouzouki, pedal steel, accordion, banjo, djembe and mandolin on top of the bass, drums, guitar, keyboards and those instruments they don't play they bring in some guests to help them out. Because of the different writer/vocalists there are different flavours to savour yet there is a consistency to the overall sound of Girlyman a mixture and balance of the male/female, folk/pop/indie rock, the good and the bad of making it through life's uncertainties. As this is the bands fifth studio album they have perfected their three-part vocal harmonies that are crucial to their sound and the bed rock of their melodic, uplifting songs. Like many bands Girlyman have a sound that could find a wider audience if they can find a way to get in front of the audience via live performance and through their recorded output which on the evidence of Supernova will soothe the heart of many who like their music a little more arranged and thoughtful.