The Wagon Tales 'EP' - Self-Release

This London based band play bluegrass and the five piece band's five songs featured here show a band that is both skillful and joyful. Being distinctive within bluegrass is often a problem with a lot of acts relying on oft-covered songs but all the material here are original songs written by three members of the band who share the vocals to give them the sense of a close knit unit that understand the music's history and where it can go and given their location that's a mite harder than if you're born in the shadow of the Appalachians. They can bring some humour to bear with titles like Dad, You Better Start Drinking and some deeper emotion to songs like the slow-paced Lie And Wait. Five songs give you a taste of what the band could bring to a full length album but this serves as a introduction to The Wagon Tales and the trails they could follow in the future as well as a calling card for live gigs.