Rosco Levee 'Final Approach To Home' - Red Train

Roots rock recorded in Rochester in the UK that opens a little more on the rocking side. The rootsier elements become more apparent around track four with Never Stops which has a more harmonic vocal delivery from singer songwriter Rosco Levee, who is both an individual and a band name. The five piece band are joined by some additional players who add trumpet, violin, banjo and harmonica to the overall armoury of the album. Levee and the band produced the album which hides its origins well and could easily have come from anywhere in the US. The influences are blues, rock, country and that's filtered through a UK prism of the Stones and Faces. I Got Soul is even more stripped back with acoustic guitar and an impassioned vocal while 97-3 has a nice groove and a fast pace. Hey Lady has a border town feel that is bolstered by an atmospheric trumpet. Headlight Burn has a Stones/Faces ramshackle but right feel and powers along at a rate of knots with the band harmonies again present. A vibrant country rock feel pervades Old Bessie and it again is an uptempo with a lively piano break at its heart. Final Approach To Home  has it's heart in that place and mixes some solid balladry and rockin' resilience that culminates with the effective work out that is the brass and keyboard led When Your Gone To Ramble.This debut album finds Rosco Levee, the man and the band in fine shape and ready for action.