Six Mile Grove 'Secret Life In A Small Town' - Rena's Kitchen

This Minnesota quartet grew out of two brothers making music and looking for like minded souls to help them grow. They are many who share their music with the world through some relaxed accomplished Americana. They live, play and record locally and through touring and their recorded output they reach out to a wider world. The songs of singer Brandon Sampson talk about family and friendship, love and making it last. They try to sort out a world view that may be mistrustful at times as they say in One Of These days "Everybody lies, everybody cheats, everybody says the truth is what you need, everybody tries to become someone else" and as the song Sunshine In The Pouring Rain sums it up it's a never ending fight to make love work. These are family men who love their families and they love making music and do their best to balance these two ends but if they are as committed to their personal lives as is apparent in the music they should be doing well. They are joined on the album by John Wheeler on steel, dobro and accordion to create a warm, layered sound that sits beneath the confident vocal delivery. This album stands or falls on what they produce as a band as across the world there are countless band using the same reference points, playing a similar blend of influences. Six Mile Grove reveal a not so secret life that can exist in any quiet town in many corners of the world. One that many will relate to, even those in big cities. They do so with music made on their own terms and in their own way, outside of external pressure. They undoubtedly have their own pressure points and problems but have their band and music to help them express that and they do that well.