The Two Man Gentleman Band 'Two At A Time' - Bean Tone

If you ever wondered what your favourite 50s styled band would sound like stripped down to guitar, voice and double bass this album will let you know. What you see and more importantly hear is exactly what you get two instruments, two voices, twelve songs recorded straight to analog tape, no edits, over-dubbing, no effects by Wally Hersom (Big Sandy alumni). Andy Bean plays a 1961 Gibson tenor guitar and Fuller Condon plays a upright bass on a bunch of clever songs written by Bean along with a couple of covers. If you like the sound you love the whole album if however you aren't as taken then the very nature of the delivery will not appeal as the sound of the duo is, by it's very nature, similar throughout. They mix early jazz, jump blues and its assimilation into early country swing into a sound that is unashamedly coming from a musical time tunnel. But that will make it sound quite modern for many a listener not so familiar with the source sounds. Those who know that era's music are equally likely to be captivated by the vocal and instrumental skills on display. That attention to detail also extends to the hand made, linotype machine printed sleeve. There is a limited edition vinyl version too for those of you who would like to go the whole hog. A number of the songs on the album menu make reference to food. There's Cheese & Crackers, Pork Chops, Tikka Masala which shows that though these gentlemen take their music seriously they have a sense of humour that means they don't take themselves too seriously. All in all a fine package that gets all the elements right and as they themselves say "let's get happy together". Can't argue with that.