Woody Pines 'You Gotta Roll' - Self Release

This six track ep is the latest release from the band released to coincide with their current tour which was recorded with new line-up. Guitarist, clarinetist Lyon Graulty is a welcome addition to the band which is led by founder, singer, guitarist and harmonica player Woody Pines. A vibrant and forceful singer who combines the various musical strands into something whole that would find favour with fans of the modern interpretation of old time sounds as played by such acts as Pokey LaFarge and The Wiyos. The songs here are the traditional tunes Long Gone Lost John, Treat You Right, alongside covers of Doc Boggs, Leadbelly and Hank Williams. The band play with life and with an easy musicianship that suggest a band who are enjoy what they do and transmitting that fact through their music. Their next album with a few new Woody Pines originals should be well worth checking out. Meantime You Gotta Roll is a bite-sized intro to the band if you haven't heard their earlier releases.