Ash Gray & the Girls 'Born in the Summer' - Luv Rock

This CD opens with a jangling guitar sound and a summer of love vibe. The bright opening is maintained into the next few tracks with plenty of up tempo backbeat and chiming guitars, plus excellent backing vocals from the girls, reminiscent of the B52’s in the song arrangements.

 Ashton Gray gets songwriter credits on ten songs and the final track is a cover version of the famous Hollies hit from the 60’s Bus Stop, which they would have been better advised to leave alone. We get songs about good girls, hot chicks and the only woman on earth. Some of the later songs drag a little and could be stronger with the vocals from Ash Gray somewhat lacking. The backing vocals are most appealing however and never more so on the charming, Buddy Holly inspired, shuffle of Goodbye.

Time, I think, to let the girls out Ashton and give them a greater presence in the songs. Marks for effort, with some fine moments, but runs out of road overall.