Livewire 'Livin’' - Way Out West

Livewire are a straight down the middle, country rock band. The vocals are right out of the Garth Brooks stable and the song arrangements are melodic, with some fine guitar playing laced through the driving beats. The production is very strong and the ten songs are a pleasant listen overall. 

The band has been around for quite some time but has only released a 6 song EP prior to this, their first CD. Trying to get recognition in an already crowded country music arena is very difficult and I guess that Livewire have paid their dues on the touring circuit in honing their sound.

Songs of love lost, the power of the female form, longing and regret are all tinged with a sense of aimless wishing and a failure to move beyond the past. Breakup songs coupled with the threat of prison in protecting family; reading the good book and whiskey based tales do not stray very far from the country music formula.

‘Our history is history’ and ‘forever turned to never ‘ are clever lines in the track History and this song  stands out, along with the sombre tale of a righteous life lived in What Makes you a Man.

Closing on the rocking Gone, Livewire make a statement that they are here for the battle and looking at the band pictures on the gatefold sleeve, I would not like to disagree and pick a fight with any of them.