M.G. Boulter 'The Water or the Wave' - Harbour Song

Looking like a gunfighter from the Old West or a Bible belt preacher, with his flowing locks and beard, M.G. Boulter presents his third collection of songs for public consumption.

Hailing from Southend on Sea in Essex, this interesting musician has played support roles on a number of recordings for other artists, including Simone Felice. In demand for his lap and pedal steel prowess, M.G.Boulter has produced a roots recording of great depth and understated charm.

The eleven songs cover themes of personal regret, reflection and lost relationships. The playing is beautifully restrained and the vocal harmonies blend effortlessly with the melodic arrangements to seduce the listener into a warm embrace.

There are songs of snow and winter, of living half-lives and images of winding water and whispering winds. The support vocals of Byrony Afferson and Lizzy O’Connor enhance the mood of the songs and lift the gentle atmosphere created by guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and keyboards.

The overall listening experience is mellow and relaxing with songs like ‘Above the Café Curtain’, ‘The Thistles & the Thorns’ and ‘High Water’ highlighting the fine ensemble playing of the musicians.

Overall a very strong and self-realised collection that bears repeated listenings.