Sandra Coffey 'Morning Zoo' - Self-Release

This is the debut release for an Irish singer songwriter who lives in Galway and has been playing live for a number of years on the local circuit.

The eight songs span a little over 30 minutes and the production is handled by Trevor Conway who also wrote the songs and appears on selected tracks, along with a coterie of seven other players. The music is a mix of violin and cello, piano and harmonica that augments the standard guitar & drums arrangements.

The songs are given a simple airy feel in the production and the distinctive vocals of Sandra Coffey are given plenty of room to breathe. She sings in an evocative style and this is highlighted on the key song here ‘A Hot Water Bottle Ain’t No Substitute for a Man (Afterwards)’.

‘Connected’ has some nice guitar lines interspersed with cello and violin and brings proceedings to a close with the lines; ‘she is a woman of the modern age, she lives from page to page’.

Sandra will be touring this release into the months ahead and she is deserving of local support in trying to build a career in this overcrowded marketplace.