Danny & The Champions of the World 'Stay True' - Loose

The latest album from Australian-born Danny George Wilson continues his exploration of Caledonian soul pop and Americana roots music on his fourth and finest album to date. Wilson and co-producer Chris Clarke have employed their champions well using London based bluegrass band Foghorn Leghorn on two tracks to add a different flavour to the sound. Elsewhere as on Let's Grab This With Both Hands they employ Melvin Duffy's pedal steel guitar and brass to fine country soul effect.

Overall there is a sense of place and time. The opening (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket is an expression of remaining true to one's dreams and centres on a trip Wilson made with his Dad to see The Fabulous Thunderbirds play live. That kind insight gives the album it's real soul and it's need to stay true to it's intentions, to come in from the cold in what can be a cold, cold world. There is a warmth here that is central to it's charms.

Alongside such welcome recordings as those by My Darling Clementine Danny & The Champions of the World are underlining the fact that the cross-fertilisation of musical roots can grow to fruition pretty much anywhere in the world if the intentions of those making the music are honest and true to themselves.