Israel Nash Gripka 'Israel Nash's Rain Plans' - Loose

Everybody knows there is nowhere that those who hear Israel Nash Gripka can't escape his debt to the influence of a certain Canadian rocker; yet there is much to savour on Gripka's latest album that blends pedal steel with a wide open psychedelic quietly melancholic thoughtfulness. There is also an inviting glow to these songs that offer a suite of sounds that touches many bases while retaining a confident central theme.

The album has a gentler approach than the band in a live setting. There there is a sonic intensity that takes these songs to another place but on record the nine songs seem to flow seamlessly together, appearing as one long river of that has tributaries that could easily lead to other destinations.

Israel Nash Gripka songs are fairly opaque with phrases and couplets standing out but the overall context is less storyteller than stored memories and hopes expressed in song. The band throughout intertwine with Gripka and all soon submerge into the sound. They also had some strong vocal support to Gripka's passionate vocals.

Rain Plans always have to be made and Israel Nash Gripka has drawn and delivered one that will serve him and those who listen to it's execution well until the next instalment of his musical journey arrives.